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Bunny Cars

Submitted by: | Source: Joann Springer

bunny cars
  • Servings: 14
  • Prep Time: 1 - 2 hours depending on experience
  • Total Time: 1 - 2 hours


Candy Eggs With Marchmallow Center, 1 bag
Smarties Candies, approx, 10 rolls
Frosting, 1 ccontainer vanilla or flavor of your choice
Cake Decors, snowflakes or confetti


For each candy you will need one candy egg and 7 smartie candies, frosting and decors. Put a small amoung of frosting on four smarties. Place on the sides of the egg to make the 'wheels.' Put a small amount of frosting on a smartie candy and place near the back on the top of the egg. Put a small amount of frosting on the edge of one smartie and place it on top of the one just placed. This will be the bunny and his body. Put a little frosting on the side of another smartie and place close to the front of the egg. This will be the steering wheel. Place a amall amount of frosting in a sandwich bag. Snip off a small corner. Use this to make the ears on the top of the head and make the arms from the steering wheel to the body. Make small dots on the wheels and attach the cake decors to make the 'hubcaps. Allow to set to air dry the frosting.